Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's crazy!

I was trying to capture an uh-oh moment, but instead she looks up and gives me her cheeser smile!

Ben and Lilli eating Oreo's and milk (right before dinner, of course).

Lilli loves to go for rides in her little wagon, that is supposed to be used for holding all of her blocks.

Lilli has discovered how to dip. She has to dip everything. She was dipping chicken nuggets into some ketchup. We can't get her to stop!

Lilli is really growing. I keep thinking she's growing too fast. One minute she was just learning how to sit up and now she's talking and running and getting into everything. It's crazy! I think that's my motto now. It really is crazy to think that she is learning so much and is just so smart. Right now, she's pushing the buttons on the tv and turning around saying, "Uh-Oh!" She learned that from her friend, Emma. Lilli has also discovered her knack for dipping. She loves to dip anything into everything, if that makes sense. Ben taught her how to dip Oreo's into milk. She's also learned to dip chicken nuggets and fries into ketchup. I'm telling you, she's turning into a pro. She loves to play dress up too. She's got some sort of fascination with shoes. She loves sparkly shoes. Anyway, Lilli is just growing up so fast. But we're really enjoying every stage she's been at, so I'm sure that we'll continue to enjoy her no matter how old she gets (except for maybe those teenage years, but we've got a long ways to go). She's just been so fun. I wish I could put all of her pictures on here. She's too stinking cute! It's crazy!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Georgia Heat

This is our crazy, super hyper dog, Sid. Nobody loves him like we love him!!

Lilli is definitely a water baby!!! She loves it!

Well, this week has had record high heat. The average temperature has been around 106 degrees, NOT including the heat index. With the heat index (humidity) it's been around 116 degrees!! Crazy! I can't believe how hot it has been. We've had several heat and air advisories. You can't even breathe when you go outside, no exaggeration. It's been hard to want to go outside. We did go to an outdoor pool. Luckily it wasn't too hot (around the mid 90's), so we braved it. Lilli had a blast, and we had fun watching her. Ben did the whole blow in her face and dunk her, but forgot that you have to do it fast. So he held her under the water for a couple of extra seconds, not even realizing how long he really held her under. It was almost like he did it in slow motion. The whole situation was quite comical. Thankfully, she came up ok and he started taking her in and out of the water faster. She absolutely loved it. The water wasn't heated, so when she started turning purple from being cold, we took her out and let her warm up in the sun for a few minutes. Then she wanted right back into the pool. They also had a kiddy pool so we let her run around in there for a little bit (under close supervision, of course). She couldn't sit in the pool, it was too deep, but she would try to stand and move around. I'm wanting to take her swimming again, but it's been too hot. Hopefully it will cool down soon, so we can go. Lilli's my little water baby!!!