Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Van, New Job, New Ambition, Growing Up *Warning: Picture Overload*

Ben finishing his 5K

The kids squeezed in the back of the car

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I last did a post!  We've had a lot going on!  We bought us a van.  I posted a picture for my mom to see.  We were pretty stoked (to say the least)!  We've been having to squeeze 3 car seats in the back of our car, not to mention driving without AC.  Its so nice now, to have plenty of room and drive in this hot weather in a cool van.  Every day we thank Heavenly Father for "2 cars that run, specifically a nice big cool van."  Seriously!  Now I actually ENJOY going out!  It really was a blessing we were able to buy one so soon!  The Lord was definitely looking out for us!

Ben is now working another job.  He's working in what they call the Orderly Room and is the Physical Fitness Dude/Guy (not sure the "correct" term).  Basically he makes sure that ALL airman coming in and out of the squadron are up-to-date on the Physical Fitness tests and he also runs PT sessions.  There are other duties that go along with it, but that's basically what he does.  It's nice to have him on a consistent day job and regular days off.  He can take leave whenever he wants and if needs be, can leave work to help with dr's visits and other stuff a lot easier.  He's also training for the Air Force Half Marathon in September.  He's been doing a lot of running and is really enjoying it.  Last Saturday he ran a 5K and did pretty good.  He sprained his ankle at the 2K marker, but kept on going.  He's running another 5K this Saturday and another one next Saturday.  I'm very proud of him.  We're still in the process of volunteering for OSF stuff (the airborne job).  It's happening a lot quicker than we thought.  He's already gotten the results from his flight physical (he passed so he's okay to fly).  He's going in for the Physio Chamber next Tuesday (they do different pressures to see if your body can handle the different altitudes and what not).  He also has a survival class in July.  As soon as that's done and we have all results in, it's just a waiting game.  Then we'll find out when he deploys.  We thought it would be sometime at the first of next year, but its looking like it could be a lot sooner.  I don't think I'll ever be prepared, whether its sooner or later.

Lilli is turning 3 this Saturday!  I can't believe it!  She's getting so big and says some of the darndest things.  She's hilarious!  We've been swimming in the pool a lot this summer, at least once a day.  She's starting to put her face in the water.  She thinks she's a little fish.  She's also becoming quite the expert on her bike.  She loves it!  She just learned to ride in the beginning of May and now can pedal so fast.  She's a great big sister to the boys.  She loves to help out and gives a lot of kisses.  I think I'm going to put her in to a preschool program this coming school year.  She's so smart and social and I really think she would love it.  I know I'll love it!

Alex and Aidan are getting so big!  They're scooting every where and are such happy babies.  Alex just recently rolled from his back onto his stomach.  They just turned 6 months old!  Aidan is my really smily guy.  Anytime I go in to get him out of the crib, he ALWAYS gives me the biggest smile and spazzes out.  It doesn't take much to make him laugh!  Alex is more serious, but even he is all smiles.  It takes a bit more to make him laugh but when you do, you can't help but laugh.  Yesterday I was giving Aidan raspberries on his neck and Alex was laughing so hard and totally anticipating when I would do it.  And it wasn't even to him!!  it was so funny!  Everyone keeps asking us if we're going to have more kids.  Not right now.  Give us time to just enjoy the ones we've got!  They are such a joy and you can't help but love on them (except right now Alex is screaming because he doesn't want to lay down for a nap, Stinker!).  They're both teething which is hard.  Today they've both been really cranky and whiny.  I wish their teeth would just come in already!  They really are so fun!  Its been hard, but so rewarding!

As for me, I'm just trying to get through life one day at a time.  Some days are harder than others, but I've got so much to be grateful for.  I feel more confident about going places with three kids.  We actually go out quite often.  Or have the last week or two.  People ask me how I go out.  I put one baby in the bjiorn, the other one in the car seat hooked to the cart, and Lilli in the cart.  Or, if I only need to pick up a thing or two, I put the babies in the double stroller and Lilli holds on.  I read lots and lots of books to know how to do things with twins.  I'm still struggling with nursing.  It's so hard!  I want to quit, but I'm starting the boys on solids so I won't be nursing as much here soon.  I think my body has finally had it.  It takes a lot out of it.  I've been really light headed lately and I'm not sure if it has something do with nursing.  I've never experienced this before.  Anyway, things are going pretty good though.  We're still just truckin' along and loving life!