Monday, May 25, 2009

College Buddies

Emily, Rachel, and me (normally I wouldn't post such a close-up but its the only one I had of all three of us)

Alice and Lilli on some of the rides at the Latin Fest
Me with Aidan
Alice and Lilli at the strawberry fields
Alex (my friend Emily took this pic)

At the end of April (WOW!  I'm totally behind), two of my bestest college friends came out to visit me.  I love how, even though we have our separate lives, we can still pick up right where we left off, as if no time has passed.  Well, except for the fact that two of us are married, two of us have children, and we're not in college anymore.  All except for that.  Anyway, it was so good to see Emily and Rachel.  Rachel's daughter, Alice, and Lilli became fast friends.  After a while they both started to get some major attitude with us (their parents), but they had a blast playing together and were so sad to leave each other.  We really didn't do much while they were here, just got caught up on our lives.  One day we went and picked strawberries.  We took the little girls' to the Latin Fest on post (where they rode a lot of cheesy rides but loved it).  One night, we were able to go out for a girls' night, without kids.  It was so fun.  We gorged ourselves with yummy food at Rhinehart's, then went to the movie "17 Again."  We got home late, but it was so worth it.  After they left, I had to catch up on some much needed sleep, but again, so worth it.  I think we're going to make this an every other year thing, or every year thing.  I love them and had so much seeing them again.