Sunday, September 30, 2007

Relief Society Broadcast

Last night our stake relief society presidency did a dinner right before the broadcast. It was delicious and so fun to see the ladies from my old Augusta ward. I feel so blessed to have had two really good wards since being here in Georgia. My new ward, Harlem ward, is just as awesome and we always have so much fun. I had a blast last night hanging out with everybody. After dinner, we all moved into the chapel to watch the broadcast. I had to leave after an hour, but what I got to see was awesome. The talks were so inspirational and you could really feel the spirit. Ben is now on the mid or night shift, so I had to come home early to send him off. Anyway, it was a nice spiritual uplift and I really needed it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Piggy Tails

Lilli on our windowsill in the living room.

This was my attempt at putting her hair in piggy tails.

This was Lilli eating Jell-O. What a mess!!!!!!!! She got it everywhere!

About three days ago, I decided that Lilli's hair was long enough to put into two little piggy tails on the back of her head. It was really cute. It took me a while to try and squeeze all the hair she has into these piggy tails, but I did it. I was so proud of myself. They were adorable. Not 5 minutes later, Lilli pulls them out and totally destroys her hair. I could not believe it. I wanted her to keep them in long enough so that Ben could see how cute she looked. So I redid them. Again, not 5 minutes later, she pulls them out. By now I'm getting pretty frustrated, but I persevered, kept putting them back in, and Ben was FINALLY able to see how cute they were. Then yesterday, he wanted me to put her hair in piggy tails again. So I did. I don't even know why I try. Five minutes later, she pulls them out. I put them back in, and, thankfully, she kept them in almost the entire day. Yea!!!!!! We went for a walk yesterday on the Euchee Creek Trails, about 5 miles from our house. We saw lots of lizards and bugs. It was cool. Lilli had so much fun. She wanted to help Ben push the stroller. That lasted almost 30 seconds. Her little feet just couldn't keep up. We were out for a good 2 hours, though towards the end it started getting really hot. My face was really red and I was "glistening," as Ben called it (What a nerd!). It was nice just spending Ben's last weekend together before he starts working wacky hours and days.