Monday, March 28, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened and it seems that a lot is yet to happen. We moved from GA to NE in January. It was so hard saying goodbye and leaving our first house. The night before the movers came, we had a big dinner and invited a few friends over. I have pictures but I don't have the energy to download them. Anyway, so now we're here. We like it. At first I hated it and wondered why we did it. When we first got here, we're talking, just drove in to town, Aidan had another seizure. He was crying and fussing and I noticed his cheeks were red. I tried giving him water but he wouldn't take it. I remember thinking I should probably take his sweater off but I didn't for whatever reason. But I know the Lord was looking out for us, because he had his seizure right as we were driving by the hospital. So we took him in and they were able to see him right then. I was a wreck. It doesn't matter how many times your child has a seizure, you're NEVER prepared for it and the reaction is the same. Panic, dread, sorrow. Just writing this I'm tearing up because I remember so vividly what he looked like and how I felt. There's nothing the dr can really do for him except watch and make sure his temperature goes down and that he doesn't have another one. But I KNOW the Lord was watching over us. Anyway, and then I got really sick. I hadn't been that sick in a long time, and we were staying at someone else's house, which is hard too. Thankfully, Ben didn't have to work and could watch the kids. Because we just wanted to get into a house, we ended up settling on military housing. We have 4 bedrooms, but about 400 sq ft less than what we were used to. It's taken some adjustment, but we're settling in well. There's no free pre-school here so we went to go get her evaluated for one. Apparently she's too advanced to qualify, which I'm grateful for but it's just, again, taken some adjusting. She's all registered for kindergarten for next year and I'm excited about that. It look like we'll be staying here at Offut for a while, which I'm grateful for. No moves anytime soon. The boys are adjusting pretty well too. There are 3-4 playgrounds right behind out house so we get to choose which one's to go to. Atleast for the one week of good weather we had. It's turned cold again and we haven't gotten out. All three kids are also sick. I think Aidan has an ear infection. We'll see today at the dr. It's been hard, but we're a family and we made it through and are STILL making it through. I'm grateful for a wonderful husband is very patient with me. Like I said, i've had a really hard time being here but it'll be ok.

April is a busy month for us. Ben leaves this week to visit family. Then next week we're meeting out good friends the Pilkington's for a few days. We're really excited about that. And then we'll have a little break and then the next week we leave for SLC. Ben's running the half marathon there. The week after that, my folks and siblings are coming here to visit us and then they're taking the kids back with them and Ben and I leave for our cruise the next week. Fast forward another week and Ben leaves for some more training. I'm way excited for all the craziness! I've had a really hard time adjusting so it'll be a nice change. Anyway, I'm hoping to be a little bit more blogger friendly and keep posts updated. hahahaha We'll see how that goes.