Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hard Times

I know there are no picture on this post. I'm sorry! Really I am (Mom, Breanne, Brittney, family).

I feel like my world is going 100 mph and there's no way for me to stop it. The kids keep me quite busy and by the time they're down for the night, I'm exhausted and just want to veg. But we're doing good. Surviving. I feel like I'm on auto pilot most of the time.

Ben was able to come home and visit last week. I can't believe it was only last week. It feels like it was forever ago. The days go by fast, but the weeks are loooooooooong. Anyway, it was so great having him home, even for a little bit. We didn't tell Lilli he was coming. Ben wanted it to be a surprise. He texted me when he got here and I had Lilli answer the door. She was so excited! The whole time he was here she kept saying, "Daddy, you're the best surprise ever!" Even after he left she kept saying he was the best surprise ever. She's a hoot. She sure does love her dad! She's been having a really hard time with him being gone. She's been acting up and I'm not sure how to handle her. I have zero patience and it's not helping at all. At the end of the day I think back on what happened and how I acted towards her and I'm not proud of myself at all. I love her and I want her to know that! It's just been hard.

Anyway, we bought tickets to visit my family. We leave at the end of March and I'm so excited. But I think my parents and family are more excited! I'm hoping we can visit Ben's family as well. The kids are going to love love love being around family! And so am I! Though I have to say, I've received so much love and support from friends here in Georgia! I get teary eyed just thinking about all the wonderful people around me who have offered to take the kids and give me a break, or have invited us over for dinner, or are willing to watch the kids for hours while I have appointments, or just getting together and letting kids play. I know that I would be okay if I stayed here. So I guess I just want to tell everyone here in Georgia, THANK YOU!!! I've had a hard time this last week and knowing people care means more than words can express!

I guess with that, I better eat some chocolate and watch the Olympics! I have a long day tomorrow. Sundays are the hardest, BUT I know I'll get through it!