Thursday, April 22, 2010

The splits

Split chin that is! Today Lilli took her first major tumble. She was climbing up a big bar stool and it tipped over. We actually thought she had broken her leg and didn't even notice her chin until we looked at her face. She stood right up and was more terrified of the fall than anything actually hurting. But it was scary for my grandma, mom, and me! She didn't need stitches but we called a neighbor looking for butterfly band aids and that seemed to work. The local librarian (who also happens to be an EMT) made a house call and helped us out. Lilli cried for about 45 minutes after. She was pretty traumatized, but is otherwise ok. She just has a battle scar now!! I'll take pictures tomorrow. Things have been kind of crazy around here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random pics

These are just some random photos of the kids (and Ben). St Patrick's Day I bought the kids matching shirts. Then there was the 6 inches of snow we got in Georgia. Apparently it hadn't snowed like that in 37 years. All the businesses shut down and the town was dead. But it had all melted the next day. It was fun. Lilli absolutely loved it and we made a small snowman and threw snowballs. I love the winters in Georgia. We went to the park a few days. Lilli and I had a couple of "sleepovers." We'd rent a new movie for her, I'd set up her little tent in my room and then we'd stay up and watch the movie. She loved it.

Chistmas 2009

I'll just go ahead and post pics of Christmas. We did our annual Christmas Eve pizza making dinner, went to look at Christmas lights and opened new pajamas. Christmas Day we slept in. Or so Ben and I thought. Lilli had gotten up loooong before us and decided to open some of her presents. We weren't too pleased, but what can ya do! It's Christmas! Then we had crepes and played with our presents. Later we had dinner with our good friends and had a blast! This coming Christmas we're hoping to spend it with family (Ben's family) and we're very excited!

Family is the best

My bro, Brady, holding Alex and my sister Breanne
My mom and Aidan

I still have quite a few things I need to post that have been long overdue, but I'm just going to post that we're here in Wyoming and we're loving it! The kids are constantly entertained by Nana and Papa and all their aunts and uncles. And I get a little bit of a break. Ah! It's so wonderful. We went bowling for my brother Kennan's 13th birthday. It was Lilli's first time bowling and she had such a great time. She did about as good as the rest of us. I told my parents to buy the game Quelf and boy are we glad they did! We've had so much fun playing! Lots of laughs during that game! My parents remodeled their home and it's so big now. The kids have tons of room to run around and play. We have the whole downstairs to ourselves and it's really nice.

We just found out that Lilli is #1 on the waiting list for the Pre-K program at one of the local elementary schools there in Georgia, so I've heard that our chances of getting in are very good. Here's praying! She'll be attending next fall and will be riding the bus. Is my baby girl really old enough to go to school!?!?!? She's still just a chatter-box and is still quite social. She talk to anybody anywhere, and people love her here in Cokeville. Last week was our first Sunday in the ward here and she told everyone she remembers what Heaven was like and the answer to every questions is Heavenly Father. She's a hoot!

Alex is a bruiser! He LOVES to wrestle. It doesn't matter who it's with, if you're on the floor he's charging after you ready to attack. It's hilarious! He's still a big boy. He's not quite walking yet by himself, but he walks holding on to one finger. I know he can do it, he just chooses not to.

Aidan is a full fledged walker! That's all he does and he's getting to be quite a pro. We're still dealing with weight, iron, and hemoglobin issues. We saw a hemotologist (blood specialist) before we left and his iron was really low, as was his hemoglobin. She wants us to see her when we get back. I'm pretty sure he's gaining weight ok. Everyone says he's getting chubbier in the face. That's a good sign. He's a little more reserved than his brother and doesn't like to get in the middle of all the wrestling, but he LOVES to watch.

Ben is STILL in Mississippi. He's not flying or doing anything, and hasn't for about 3 weeks. We're hoping he starts up again this Friday so he can just go and come back. While my mom was here, Ben and I were able to meet halfway between Augusta and Miss for a night. It was so fun and I was so sad to leave him one last time. Goodbyes are the worst! We're so proud of him and all that's he's doing for his country and for us!

We're hoping to see Ben's family while we're out here. We love being around family! Though I miss my friends in Georgia. They were so wonderful and helpful. They really made those 3 months go by fast, but I'm loving being here and going to enjoy every last minute of it. I'll TRY to be more diligent in posting, but don't count on it.