Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They're ONE

Last Monday my little babies turned 1! What a bitter-sweet event! My friend made some onesies with a 1 on them so I put the boys in those. They looked oh so yummy!! We had a small celebration with a few presents and cupcakes. They're growing so big and fast. Neither one has any real interest in trying to walk yet, but I'm okay with that. I'm not sure what their measurements are, their dr appointment isn't until Jan 4th so when I find out I'll post it. We love our boys and we're so glad they're in our family! They bring a lot of joy!

*I realize Aidan's hair is out of control, but Ben is going to cut it before he leaves.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving and Ben's 29th birthday

Ain't he just the handsomest!!

So this Thanksgiving was a little different than normal. All of us were sick so we stayed home and had our own mini Thanksgiving. We cooked up a Turkey breast and all the regular Thanksgiving sides. It was good and fun to be together as a family. *As we were eating dinner we made Lilli try the green bean casserole. She didn't like it and puked it all up. That was the end of our Thanksgiving meal!

November 29th was Ben's 29th birthday. We had sloppy joes (cause that's what he wanted) and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (cause that's what he wanted). I got him some new shoes and the USA soccer "Don't Tread on me" shirt. Once again, it was a small celebration because we were all sick, but it was still fun. We love you, Ben! We're so proud of you and all that you do for our family! You're a wonderful husband and father and we're going to miss you very much!


Aidan seems to be doing a little better. Ben said he felt warm today so once again we kept him home from church. I think he's fine, but just in case. We're probably being paranoid. The rest of the family is doing really well though. Yea!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

911 and another ER visit(s)

These last couple of days have been quite the emotional roller coaster for our family. As you've read in previous posts, we've been sick for quite a while. All of us. Well, this last Sunday night it hit hard. Both boys had had fevers off and on for about 2-3 days so when I laid them down that night, I gave both some Tylenol. Well, around 10:00pm, both Ben and I heard a weird noise. I can't even explain it or even mimic what the sound was. I got a feeling of dread and I knew something was wrong. I made Ben come and check on the boys with me because I was so scared. I went in to check on the boys and saw that Alex was fine in his crib and then checked on Aidan. When I looked in, I noticed he was convulsing, like he was throwing up. But nothing was coming out and I noticed that his eyes were open and rolled back. I freaked out, picked him up and he was dead weight, non-responsive. I freaked out and yelled to Ben that something was wrong. I pretty much threw Aidan at Ben and flew down the stairs to call 911. I ran back upstairs and Ben ran to get our neighbor to give Aidan a blessing. I was freaking out. The 911 dispatch kept telling me to calm down, it was hard I was shaking so badly. Aaron and Ben finally came back and they gave him a blessing while the dispatch was telling me how to help. The firefighters, EMT's and police officers all came and told us that he had had a febrile seizure. Aidan's body temp went up too fast and that was his bodies way of reacting to the fever. We took him to the ER and they monitored him for a while and then released us. His fever had gone down. They told us that the chances of him having another seizure in the next 6 months will go up by about 50%. Anyway, they told us to keep giving him medicine every 4 hours. So we did. He was find all day Monday and took his temp before he went to bed. It was at 101 so I gave him some med and laid him down. After the previous incident, my biggest fear was of him having another seizure so I went up to check on him again and he felt really warm. Again. So I brought him down to sleep with us. Probably not the best idea because my body heat raised his body temp. His temp got up to 105. We gave him some more meds and his temp went down to 103. I laid him down in the pack-n-play and checked his temp at around 7am. It was at 104, so we took him back to the ER. They got us right in and basically the diagnosis was, he just has a virus and there's nothing they can do for him but keep his fever down. Awesome! I've been an emotional wreck and am quite paranoid. But I've got a new appreciation for my family! I love them and I KNOW that the Spirit warned us that night to go check on the boys. I know it with all my heart! There was no way I could have ignored the feeling I had and the promptings. Aidan will be okay. No permanent damage happened but it was a very scary experience and I hope it NEVER happens again! I'm grateful for the prayers and help given by our friends and family. I'm grateful for a husband and friend who live their lives worthily to hold the priesthood and be able to use it whenever/wherever!

In other news, Ben will be leaving sooner than we thought and will be gone for about 9 months. We won't be able to see him at all during that time, unless we can visit him in Mississippi. So I plan on staying with my parents for about 4 months. We just found all this out last week!

Like I said before, I have a new appreciation for my little family. I love them so much! And we are trying to take advantage of all the time we have left to spend together! All these happenings really put things into perspective!