Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

No comment..........

It took Ben an HOUR to wrap this crazy shaped present! I think I would have given up, but he persevered and he was so proud!

Presents from Santa!

Lilli eating crepes Christmas morning! What a mess!

Our cute little stockings that my mom made (I cut the pattern out.....).

Here's Lilli in her new Christmas dress with her handsome daddy.

Lilli in her new Christmas pj's. What a ham!!!!

We had a great Christmas this year. We stayed here in Georgia for the second Christmas in a row, and I have to say that it's been so fun to start our own traditions. We brought traditions from both sides of the family and I've just enjoyed it so much! Christmas Eve was a quiet evening. We made our traditional homemade pizzas, had Family Home Evening and read the Christmas Story, opened our new pajamas, then went and drove around to look at all the pretty Christmas lights. There really weren't a whole lot of houses with lights on them, but it was okay because it was well past Lilli's bedtime and she was getting sleepy. So we got home and put Lilli to bed, then Ben and I stayed up later and wrapped presents and watched "A Christmas Story." I love that movie. It brings such fun memories! Lilli let us sleep in the next morning. She didn't wake up until around 9am. I made our traditional Christmas crepes with fruit and whipped cream on top, then we opened presents. Lilli got spoiled this year, but it was fun to see her enjoy the things she got. Ben and I were SUPPOSED to keep Christmas small this year for each other, we were only going to get stocking stuffers. But Ben ended up getting me some work out stuff (which I really am going to enjoy), and spoiled me. Later in the day we had our good friends the Pilkington's over, along with David Meisenheimer (Ben home teaches him), all over for some yummy and delicious grub. Okay, not grub, Ben made prime rib and we had some other fixin's. It was so good. We had such a good Christmas! Sometimes we can get so caught up in the gift giving, and Santa, but we really tried to bring the true meaning of Christmas into our home. I know it's so important for Lilli to know why we celebrate this holiday. Christ is the ultimate gift our Heavenly Father has given. He has taught us to love one another and serve one another. I hope that we will always remember that, not just at Christmas time, but all through out the year. We missed being with family, but we were happy celebrating with just us and good friends! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Family Photos

We had our awesome friend, Greg, take our family pictures last Saturday with our camera. I thought he did a great job. These one's are just candids, but we do have quite a few that turned out pretty cute. Lilli wasn't very happy about having to sit still. She wanted to wander around. We took these on the Euchee Creek trails. We're trying to get our Christmas cards out, so be watching for them. We were able to put two pictures on them, so we did one of a family picture (I kind of wish we had picked a different picture, but oh well) and the other is one of Lilli. She looked so cute with her curly hair and her little piggy tails. Overall, I would say we were successful in getting our family pictures done! Finally!