Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still in Wyoming

Lilli sharing her drink of water with Alex.
They went outside without any coats or shoes. They just wanted to be outside!
Lilli, the bat and Alex the lion.
My sweet little Aidan.
The boys helping Papa fix the lawn mower.
Alex helping me fold the clothes?
Looking at one of the many bunny rabbits running around my parents' house

We're still here in Wyoming and we're having a blast! I miss my home, but I'm not complaining. I love being around family and letting the kids have their Nana and Papa and aunts and uncles giving them all sorts of loves. And it's nice to have help. The weather is pretty warm today, but hasn't really been warm (as you'll be able to tell in the pics). We've had to bundle the kids up if they want to go outside, which they do all the time. They love to play out in the sand pile and ride the 4-wheelers. Any chance they can get, they want to be outside. Aidan is a madman when it comes to walking. He runs most of the time. Alex is getting braver. He's finally starting to walk. We're all so excited for him! It's kind of funny, whenever he walks, we're all cheering for him. He loves the attention! Lilli has been a really good, helpful, big sister. She shares really well with her brothers. The other day I took a picture of her sharing her water with Alex, they were drinking out of a straw. It was really cute and made my heart melt. They're all getting so big. I can't believe my babies aren't babies anymore. They're big kids now!

Ben is doing good where he's at. He left a couple of weeks ago and now we're starting the countdown! Yea! The time seems to be going so slow, but it helps being here with family. But he's doing good. The time difference is hard but we get to chat on Skype about twice a day. I'm sure that'll stop once he actually starts working. I really miss him. It's made me appreciate the man he is and all that he really did for our family. I feel like I really took him for granted. He's doing great though! Misses us like crazy, just like we miss him!

I've joined the running bandwagon. I've signed up for a half marathon Oct 30th. It's marked in red and circled! I'm scared and nervous but excited to get back in shape. At times I feel really discouraged (like right now) when I read other people's times and success, because I feel so inadequate. I feel like I'll never be in shape. But I have to remember that I'm only in my second week of really training and I'm only just starting to get into shape. When I think like that, I feel better. And at least I'm doing something. I'm getting off my butt and doing it instead just wanting to. Plus, Ben gives me lots of encouragement and is very supportive. That helps a lot!

But we're alive and well. Just thought I'd post some pictures (and write a novel).