Friday, June 18, 2010

Lilli's 4th Bday celebration (Cokeville)

My sis, Kenzie, Lilli and my bro, Brady

Lilli in her birthday princess crown
Grandma Norene, and Aidan

Alex and my bro, Kennan

We decided to celebrate Lilli's birthday here at my parents' house Wednesday because we're going to be gone on her actual birthday. We'll be visiting Ben's family in Washington and will definitely be celebrating up there too. We just had family and she opened a few presents and then we had cake and ice cream. Lilli is so not a picky little girl. She's happy with whatever she gets and is happy with whatever kind of cake she gets. It's really nice! She's very easy to please. I still can't believe she'll be 4! She's such a sweet girl and is very friendly. She's so not shy. I know I say that a lot but she isn't. I had one lady come up and say, "She's a very lively girl in Primary!" Uhhhhhhhh.......what does that even mean?!?!?! Anyway, we sure do love her and glad she's part of our family. She's a great big sister and very helpful!

Sprinklers and Lilli's great idea

Lilli had this great idea of riding on a skate board while using ski poles to push her along......good idea huh?! I thought it was pretty creative. Of course, once she got on the skate board, she was a bit scared. She never did do it.

We FINALLY had a warm day and I let the kids run through the sprinklers. Of course, right as we turned them on, it got cloudy and kind of cold. The kids were all purple and had goosebumps. I thought for sure Aidan would get hypothermia! That night we had a pretty crazy thunder/lightning storm and today it was just above freezing. Crazy!!! We're hoping summer comes......and soon!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Utah Valley 5K

I ran my first "real" 5k. It was the Utah Valley 5K in Provo. Nobody ran it with me and I was a little nervous. I had a really bad headache the night before and then woke up the day of the race with a sour stomach. But I got over it. It was just nerves, I think. I did meet some very friendly ladies and that helped calm my nerves. When the race started, I just ran and ran and ran. The adrenaline was just a pumping and it felt good. I'm still not sure what my time was, but I'm hoping it's better than my training times. It was fun and I can't wait to do it again.

I'm running a half marathon at the end of October in Greenville, SC. I'm so excited! Nervous but excited!

Wrestling Leopards and 4-wheeling

My mom and Lilli on the lawn mower. Lilli was driving.
My bro, Brady and Aidan

My boys are really starting to wrestle. It's funny! Alex is the bigger of the two but Aidan is the meaner one. Is meaner even a word?? Probably not. Anyway, it's just fun to watch them wrestle because a lot of times they both are laughing to hard and can hardly get away from each other. The boys are also starting to wrestle with Lilli. Sometimes she loves it and they don't or they love it and she doesn't.

Aidan's been wanting to dress in a leopard costume my mom got a while ago. He'll sit and growl at everyone and loves to scare people.

The kids love love love to be outside. They particularly love to ride on the 4-wheelers. Sometimes when I'm the only one outside with them, I'll take all three kids on with me. Of course I drive slow, but they love it. Alex will yell, "Whoa!" and my little Aidan and Lilli just sit there, just happy to be there. Lilli and I will go out behind our house, up to the mountains. It's so beautiful and serene up there. That's our favorite thing to do together (when it's warm).