Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friends and a Half Marathon

I're all shocked that I finally posted right? Or not. You probably didn't even notice. I hate playing catch up so I'll post pictures and write very little. It's just easier for all of us that way. Or I might end up writing a lot. I don't know. We'll see how far I get. Ben has the kids with him (he bravely took all the kids with him to pick up our Harry Potter 7: Part II movie tickets), so I'm hoping to get a little bloggage done.

At the beginning of April we headed down to Missouri to see our good friends the Pilk's (ok, not their name, but that's the nickname we've given them....they probably hate it). We hung out withfor a couple days. We went to an amusement park called Silver Dollar City and spent the whole day there. We had such a blast and Lilli and Emma were inseparable. It was cute to watch them. We miss the Pilk's and hope to see them again soon. Megan and I are already planning annual girls' trips for us and the girls.

The next week, Ben had signed up for the SLC half marathon. It was a quick weekend trip. We stopped at my folks for a day of rest, then headed up to SLC. He ran the race and then we drove home. Ben did really well. Beat his previous time by about 10 minutes. I'm very proud of him!


bre said...

I love the pictures of all the kids! So cute! Thanks for blogging!

Winn Family said...

Love the pics!!! Also, why is Lilli so sad in the picture with all the kids on the sidewalk? I love her! Luke ALL THE TIME talks about how he doesn't like girls. But then I say, 'you like Lilli' and he says, 'ya, but she moved'--basically I'm thinking since you guys moved, that instigated his not liking girls since his love left :)