Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family visit and a week without kids *Gasp

The week after the SLC marathon, my parents and 2 youngest siblings came to NE to visit for Easter. We had such a blast with them here. Unfortunately when they got here, they're car was acting up so the next day we had to take it to a dealer's. Apparently a mouse had made a nest in the wires and chewed some of them up. Some of you non-country folk may be disgusted with that, but when you live in the country it's really not surprising. Anyway, that took up the majority of the day but we hung out and it's always fun to just gab and chit chat. I think that night we went to the mall and let the kids play around. Then came home, ordered some yummy pizza (not Dominoes, Pizza Hut, or Little Cesaer's)The next day we went fishing. It was really cold and it took us a while to get going. But ended up being a really fun day. Before we even started I told Ben I didn't want him being disappointed if we didn't catch anything. Again, being from the country you don't fish at stocked lakes. It just doesn't happen. Well, by the end of our fishing experience, we had caught 8 fish! I caught 2 (one with my hands, I know, just call me mountain girl). Ben caught the most at 4, my dad caught 1 and Kennan (my baby bro) caught 1. The next day was Easter and we enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday. Went to church and had a big Sunday dinner. Monday my parents packed up with my kids and left. It was weird having a quiet house. But it was nice. I was very much anticipating our cruise and the break from kids. Yes, we had 2 weeks without kids. I got to recharge my mommy battery and get some much needed rest. Ben and I went on several dates and just got to spend some time alone together. It was a nice break and I would definitely do it again. The kids had fun too and ran amuck at Nana and Papa's. They're always saying how they want to go to Nana and Papa's house or they want to see Kennan and McKenzie.

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Albanie said...

(said in a creepy voice)hello is your stalker...haha (creepy voice gone)'s me, Albanie. I found your blog from your facebook page. Your pics are sooo cute! See ya tomorrow!